Terms of Use

By purchasing products from Painted Camera you are agreeing to these terms for personal or professional use:

Terms of Use

You ARE allowed:

  • to be inspired
  • to embrace your creativity
  • to explore
  • to learn
  • to promote and sell your work
  • your paintings can be used for personal and commercial purposes
  • no limit on the number of sales you make, go knock their socks off!
  • you are allowed to enter photos you painted in print competition, just read the rules and be ethical. If you enter a photo you did not take with your own camera, enter the final image in the correct category with the correct thumbnail
  • overlays, textures & brushes can be used to create commercial physical and printed goods
  • you can use the images to print on demand (POD) products without attribution to Painted Camera. However, the work must become part of your own derivative work before distribution and all files must be flattened before distribution of your derivative work
  • there are no restrictions on what you may or may not do with the graphics in this product as long as you are embedding it into your project and not trying to resell or share it as a resource
  • You may not sell as-is, or use it to make other digital design resources

All products, packaging, descriptions, workshops, and this site is copyright of Painted Camera


You have 30 days from when the course was purchased for a full refund. After 30 days courses are non-refundable.

For refunds related to courses, please fill out the refund request form to start the refund process.

All sales of digital downloads such as overlays, textures, brushes, etc. are final. A digital download is unlike most purchases, a digital product, after downloading, cannot be deactivated or returned which negates the ability to properly do a refund.

All workshops, ebooks, textures, presets, and all other products on this site are the intellectual property of Painted Camera and cannot be copied, resold, or plagiarized. The setups and teachings in the workshops are the original ideas of Painted Camera and may not be replicated in part or whole in any product or workshop you wish to create and sell whether it be in person or online. Any repurposing or redistribution is illegal and is subject to prosecution.

Any violation of the copyright will result in the termination of your permission to use any of my products, ideas, workshops, website, etc. with no refunds being issued. Your access will be revoked. Your account will be canceled and you are no longer welcome on my site at any time thereafter.

This license extends to the original purchaser only and cannot be sub-licensed, resold, transferred, or redistributed.

The item you purchase cannot be resold, shared, loaned, redistributed on its own, or used in a product offered for sale where the item can be extracted. You may not redistribute or post them to the internet for any reason.

You are welcome to use these products in the creation of your own original art you offer for sale, your client works – personal and professional and must be offered as a flattened image where the items cannot be extracted.

With your course purchase you agree to the following:

Your registration to courses gives you personal and individual access only. You will not share your login with anyone, out of respect.

You will not display publicly or online, or share in any manner to other parties any part of the class, including the videos and any bonuses. All content of the classes is created by Painted Camera and protected by copyright law.

You have high-speed internet access as well as an up-to-date device and web browser to view class content, and load pages containing multiple images and videos, with enough bandwidth to be adapted to viewing high-resolution video streaming without any annoying interruptions or breaks in the internet connections.

You are committed to being respectful and kind to fellow participants and to your teacher at all times, and to respect the present terms. Should you fail to do so, I reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently delete your member account, including access to all our online classes, paid or unpaid, as well as our Facebook group, without notice or refund and at our sole discretion.

Painted Camera is not, under any circumstances, responsible for any incident, injury, loss, or damage that may occur to you as you take the class. I advise you to get acquainted with any safety measures that the use of your supplies, tools, and materials may require.

Paid classes have “lifetime access." In this instance, the term “lifetime” means the lifetime of this website.

Painted Camera is not responsible for any malfunction or interruptions of service on the part of the website hosting platform, login service provider, video hosting platform, social media, or your internet provider. If you are having trouble accessing your class or videos – I recommend you clear out your browser cache and restart your internet and computer.

Painted Camera has reserved the right to modify or update the contents of the class at any time.

Last Updated: May 18, 2022