Photo Painting Masterclass

Everything You Need To Know To Turn A Photo Into A Painting Digitally


I created an online course that shows a wide range of approaches when it comes to digitally painting photographs. This is a must-have for photographers who want to learn how to paint their photos digitally in Photoshop.


Fine Art Photo Painting made easy. The painting come out in the brushstrokes and you are the creator of amazing works of art.

Photo Painting Masterclass includes three lessons.

  • Masterful signature photo painting technique using the Smudge Tool

  • Composite for photo painting includes color matching

  • Start-to-finish process
  • Fine art oil master's style using the Mixer Brush

  • Learn to paint in layers and why

  • Perfect finishing touches that look like a cracked photo painting
  • Discover how to digitally create a watercolor painting from a photo

  • Understand and set up filters

  • Learn how to create realistic drips and splashes

Photo Painting Masterclass teaches any level photographer how to masterfully turn photos into a digital painting.

Imagine you could...

  • Push your photography further and create work you will be proud to show and enter in competitions

  • Know how to create a photo painting from start to finish

  • Increase your revenue with your clients now that you can offer a one of a kind photo painting

  • Be able to produce mind-bending photo painting composites that your friends and family will love

  • Discover amazing fine art techniques to boost your Photoshop artistry

  • Learn a wide range of approaches when it comes to digitally painting photographs

What You Will Learn

Smudge Brush - Lesson I

The Smudge Tool is great for beginner photo painters or for someone who has never photo painted before. You will learn how to smudge the pixels of your photo using different brushes in Photoshop. It allows you to gain a better understanding on how to make brush strokes to make it look like your own work instead of computer-generated art. Let yourself to be truly artistic without drawing skills. This lesson will also cover basic composite and how to color match two different photos to create one unified look.

Mixer Brush - Lesson II

Learn how to turn a photo into an old master's oil painting without overcomplicating the process. After completing this course you will be able to turn any photograph into a digital oil painting in Photoshop that you can be proud of. I break down all the things you need to know and understand. In Photoshop, you will learn how to move your images out of a photographic appearance using the Mixer Brush. This course will show you how to make your painting look old and worn.

Watercolor Brush - Lesson III

After completing this course you will be able to turn any photograph into a digital watercolor painting with Photoshop. You will learn a simple technique on how to master digital watercolor painting. Plus, you will gain a better understanding of layers, filters, blending modes, and much more. You will learn how to create realistic watercolor splashes and drips.

Bonus Course Included!

Photo Painting Fundamentals

  • Learn the essential keystroke shortcuts for photo painting in Photoshop that will speed up your photo painting

  • Learn how to customize Photoshop Workspace efficiently for photo painters

  • I will show you how to find, download, and install FREE Photoshop brushes

All Lessons Include...

  • The entire painting process is broken down into understandably easy steps

  • Work at your own pace

  • Easily access online videos 24/7

  • Create a stunning photo painting without the headache of endless trial and error

  • Everything you need to know in one place

  • Video, written instructions, and demonstrations step by step

  • All materials included to follow along using, photos, brushes, overlays, and textures

My tutorials are designed for photographers of all skill levels and absolutely encourage you to build on your knowledge base as well as creativity! 

It’s time to discover new possibilities for your work and to embrace an entirely different way of learning and editing! 

Once you make your purchase, your course will be available for you immediately.

What People Are Saying:


"Carly's classes are clear and to the point. She is methodical in her approach which makes it easy to learn. What I really appreciated is that she offers written instructions with the video lessons so I can review and get what I need at any time."


"Carly is an amazing artist, and just as inspiring as a teacher! Her expertise is evident in her artwork, but what sets her apart from other instructors is her passion to share her knowledge and her passion for unique digital creations. There are many automated filters and effects available for Photoshop, but Carly takes the time to teach the actual tools and techniques to create the artwork. Rather than pushing a button and hoping for something interesting, she encourages students to use tools available in Photoshop, experiment, and find their own style as an artist. I highly recommend Carly’s classes, not just for the knowledge she shares, and skills she develops, but for the inspiration to step outside our creative boxes."


“Carly discovered a way to blend the look of the old impressionists into today’s photography.”