Think of me as a digital version of Bob Ross. I would love to teach you how to paint 'happy little trees' digitally.

Turn your favorite photograph into a digital masterpiece!

In every class, professional photographer and painter Carly Sullens introduces you to an artist and the techniques they used to create their paintings, demonstrating those techniques with physical brushes and paints before showing you how to create the same effects with digital tools in Photoshop. She then guides you through the steps of digitally altering a photograph of your choice to look like a painting, using the techniques she showed you earlier.

Painted Camera is about mastering the skills and confidence to paint digitally, create composite images, inspire your artistry, and compose a stunning visual narrative.

Build Your Toolbox



You Can Do This!

60 Minutes of Video Instruction

Learn in: Photoshop CC & CS5 and Above

Art Period Explored - Watercolor

Included - Photo Resources & Written Instructions


Learn How Digitally Paint

Learn how to transform a photo into a digital watercolor painting!

Learn to Digitally Paint Watercolor will cover:

  • Smart Layers
  • Filter Gallery
  • Understand Layer Masks
  • Curves Layer
  • Adding Texture



You Can Do This!

60 Minutes of Video Instruction

Learn in: Photoshop CC & CS5 and Above

Art Period Explored - Impressionism & Pointallism

Included - Photo Resources & Written Instructions

Photo Painterly Composite

Bird on a Branch

Learn how to transform any photo into a painterly look, using composite techniques.

A composite is one final image made of multiple photos placed and blended together. Photo Painting Composites are a quick and easy way to transform your photo into a work of art. Because you already start with a painted background.

In this course you will learn how to use artistic resources such as a painted background, textures and overlays to quickly transform any photo to look like a photo painting. Without actually having to 'paint.' Honestly, this is how I achieve the painterly look in a lot of my images.

Step by step, I will teach all the things you need to know and understand in Photoshop to move your images out of a photographic appearance into a more painterly one. Even if you are new to photoshop. You will find everything you need to get started and create an amazing photo painting composite you will be proud of. More importantly, you will have the tools and concepts to make your own Photo Painting Composites.

Photo Painterly Composite will cover:

  • How to Select and Mask an Object Easily
  • How to Match Color Pallets from different Images
  • Understand Layers and Clipping Masks
  • Understand Blending Modes and How to use them
  • Draw inspiration from Featured Artist: Henry Matisse

Photo of a Bird

Bird Selected

Photo of a Branch

Branch Selected

Painted Background



Painterly Composite

Carly Sullens

Instructor - Photo Artist, Day Dreamer, Educator

Carly Sullens studied painting and art history in both undergraduate and grad school, training in watercolor, oils, and acrylics. She holds a graduate degree in art therapy, and years in that practice have made her adept at helping people tap into their own power, creativity, and stories. Thanks to a mid-life career change, she currently makes her living as a photographer. Her photographs have earned awards in photo competition and been published.

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