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Learn to turn a photo into a digital painting! Painted Camera offers easy to follow online education for photographers who want to learn how to be photographic artists.

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Online courses are easy to follow even if you have never edited before. I teach photographers how to be photographic artists.

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I am inspired by the old master's work. This is what I strive to recreate in my own work; learning from influential master painter's to create amazing modern works of art

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Painted Camera empowers the voice behind your images with fine art editing techniques. Simply and without overcomplicating.⁠

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Easy to follow, even if you struggled with editing and you never picked up a brush before

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"Carly is an amazing artist, and just as inspiring as a teacher! Her expertise is evident in her artwork, but what sets her apart from other instructors is her passion to share her knowledge and passion for unique digital creations. There are many automated filters and effects available for Photoshop, but Carly takes the time to teach the actual tools and techniques to create the artwork. Rather than pushing a button and hoping for something interesting, she encourages students to use tools available in Photoshop, experiment, and find their own style as an artist."

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"Carly's classes are clear and to the point. She is methodical in her approach that makes it easy to learn. What I really appreciated is that she offers written instructions with the video lessons so I can review and get what I need at any time."


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Painted Camera has everything you need to take your photos to the next level and learn how to photo pain

meet carly

Think of me as a digital version of Bob Ross. I would love to teach you how to paint 'happy little trees' digitally. We have similar hair styles, too!

Carly Sullens studied painting and art history in both undergraduate and grad school, training in watercolor, oils, and acrylics. She holds a graduate degree in art therapy, and years in that practice have made her adept at helping people tap into their own power, creativity, and stories. Seeing that different forms of art have shaped and evolved her as an artist, several years ago, she added photography to her portfolio. Falling quickly and deeply in love with this line of work, Carly realized that her favorite part of photography was editing. Her excitement grew as her skills sharpened and as she learned to transform each photo in her post-production vision. Eventually, she began to apply her painting training, turning photos into works of art.

Her photographs have earned awards and been published.