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Hi, I’m Carly - a certified professional photographer, an American fine art photographer, digital artist, and educator. Think of me as the digital version of Bob Ross. I would love to digitally teach you how to paint 'happy little trees'.

Art, for me, is a thing of passion.

It has always been a big part of my life. And fine art photography, after I’ve discovered this new dimension of art, has completely liberated me and transformed my creative vision into the one that sees no boundaries or limits. It allowed me to express myself freely, creatively, and unapologetically.

Teaching fine art photography took me to another level. Seeing other photographers learn how to edit and create evocative digital imagery from scratch and without prior editing knowledge fills me with joy, gratification and a sense of accomplishment.


You are a creative soul.

You love capturing a particular moment in time, visually communicating your point of view, and hoping to captivate your audience and evoke an emotion.

You are a photographer who have come to realize that taking a perfect shot is half the job. A true masterpiece is created and perfected upon closer examination of your work in the post-production phase. This is where you see things that you haven’t seen before and where slight enhancements with photo painting techniques create visual stories that move, intrigue and engage your audience.


My courses are designed to teach photo enthusiasts and professional photographers to transform photos into artistic creations, leveraging principles of fine art photography.

Easy to navigate and follow, I have created step-by-step tutorials that will teach you to digital paint (even if you’ve never touched a brush), professionally edit, and reveal elements of art within your photos.


The secret to turning your photo into art...

...turning photos into photo art isn't as difficult as one may think. ...

learning a few tips and tricks will have you creating digital art in no time!

Award Winning, Published & National Speaker Photographer

more about Carly

Art has been in my life from the start in different shapes, forms and expressions. In fact, my love affair with art has begun at the tender age of four when I got my first brand new box of 120 Crayola crayons with a sharpener at the back.

Master the skills

Photography doesn't end when you press the shutter button; it ends with the final edit. Awaken your creative genius with our online photo painting courses. Start digitally painting today!

Be a photo artist

Take your photos to a new level and build your toolbox. Painted Camera is about mastering the skills and confidence to paint digitally, create composite images, inspire your artistry, and compose a stunning visual narrative.

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My Journey

Early years

Art has been in my life from the start in different shapes, forms and expressions. In fact, my love affair with art has begun at the tender age of four when I got my first brand new box of 120 Crayola crayons with a sharpener at the back.

My first masterpiece turned our kitchen wall with a dial-up phone into a large-scale drawing done entirely in ink. Non-erasable ink, as I discovered later after my parents demanded to scrub it clean.

Much later, I have traded kitchen walls for more appropriate materials, and dove into fine arts – mostly focusing on oil, acrylic and watercolor painting. I dabbled in ceramics, sculpture and drawing, experimenting and solidifying my love of arts.

Formal education

Always feeling that art had some type of power, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Art Therapy. This trained me to help people understand themselves and communicate through imagery. As an Art Therapist I have guided people on their journey to self discovery and help them develop their visual narrative.

Professional photography

Seeing that different forms of art have shaped and evolved me as an artist, I have added photography to my portfolio. Falling quickly and deeply in love with this line of work, I realized that my favorite part of photography was editing. I watched my excitement grow and my skill sharpen, as I learned to transform each photo in the post-production phrase. I began to apply my painting training, turning photos into works of art.


As my fine art photography career flourished, I identified a growing demand amongst photographers that wanted to master editing skills in digital painting. In response, I have poured my passions of painting, photography, and teaching, into creating the learning hub of resources for photographers all over the world.

Giving back